Rap legend leading by example through the pandemic

52 year old rapper / entrepreneur Earl Stevens is known for his way with words; the self made tycoon known as E-40 who has recently put his money where his heart is. While today’s protest and rash of unjust treatment upon America’s minority races has a lot of artist waking up and trying to play their part, this is not the case for the bay area ambassador. Way before there was a pandemic Mr. Stevens was writing $10,000.00 checks to the salvation army and when Covid-19 affected correctional facilities he showed up when nobody else would, donating 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to California inmates. His efforts did not end there, the mogul teamed up with “The Lumpia Company” to supply a prison reform organization that personally feed and aided the homeless. When asked what inspires him to help those less fortunate Mr. Stevens replied “I’ve been giving back since a youngster, it takes the people to save the people “

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