Lawsuit Claims Kehlani Went Stupid In Rented Ferrari

Oakland’s songbird Kehlani is the subject of a new lawsuit. TMZ reported a Florida based luxury car rental company is suing Kehlani for alleged damages to their luxury vehicle.

The company is claiming on April 19th – 22nd the singer rented a black Ferrari for personal use. The high-end vehicle was used as a prop in a music video titled “Open passionate” the luxury rental company believes this is where the damages was done.

According to newly released documents, the luxury car was struck by a animal involving some sort of collision. Upon returning the luxury vehicle on the 22nd it was reported to have $25,000.00 worth of damages. The company is reporting $1,000.00 per day in lost wages. As the vehicle is being repaired, cost are totaling over $35k in potential rental loses with $60,000.00 in accumulated losses with lawyer fees etc. Kehlani is looking at a soft $100k at a minimum of out of pocket expenses if the court decides on the side of the car rental company. We here at The Plug hopes the court rules in the favor of the Oakland Song bird, all while Kehlani learns from this experience within her growing career.

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