WNBA Star Maya Moore Assist In The Release of Wrongfully Convicted Prisoner

The Women’s National Basketball Associations own Maya Moore has shown the signs of what a Most Valuable Player truly is, as she sits out an entire WNBA season as well as the Olympics to focus on advocating the freedom of and release of Jonathan Irons. Mr. lrons, a inmate serving 50 years for a wrongful conviction of a robbery and assault. He was picked out of a line up at the tender age of 16 years old and was arrested, tried and convicted as an adult. The WNBA star Maya Moore a member of the Minnesota Lynx basketball team was introduced to Jonathan Irons through her god parents who knew him through a prison ministry outreach program. The WNBA star’s sacrifice and commitment paid off on July 1, 2020. After 22 years the now 40 year old Jonathan Irons has been released by a Missouri judge by the name of Daniel Green.

In 1998 Irons then16 years of age was wrongfully convicted of breaking in a house and shooting then; 38 year old Stanley Strotler. Strotler who survived a gun shot wound to the head, picked Irons and another African American out of a line up pinning Irons as the shooter. New York times reporter Kurt Streeter wrote about there not being any other corroborating witnesses nor was there any DNA or fingerprints putting Irons at the scene of the crime.

After learning DNA and fingerprint details were with-held from the defense and other evidence; the lead prosecutor for the state of Missouri declined to retry the case and Jonathan was set free. Irons attorney Kent Gibson told the New York Times “Not until Maya Moore got involved did this case get any attention or the resources for proper counsel and investigators”. The one time rookie of the year and MVP of the WNBA, has been committed to the cause since 2007.

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