Update: SZA Says Nobody Needs to Free Her, Punch Never Steered Her Wrong

Update 08/21/2020 12:28pm:

After calling her relationship with TDE hostile, “#FreeSZA” became a trending topic on Twitter. The singer has clarified those statements acknowledging that TDE’s Punch has never steered her in the wrong direction and that she needs to exercise patience.

“Don’t nobody need to free me Lmao I’m not held hostage n neither is my music!! me n punch be disagreeing ..hes never steered me wrong and I trust Gods timing 🙏🏾❤️ I love y’all 🥺,” SZA tweeted.

“Lmao when u don’t get somewhere By urself u can’t always make ALL the decisions by urself. And das ok 🥺Sometimes u gotta be patient .. sometimes no is a blessing.. 🤷🏾‍♀️ i trust the ppl around me,” SZA added when a fan questioned the change in the singer’s stance.

SZA’s tweets can be viewed below

It’s been three years since SZA released her platinum-selling debut album, which was nominated for four Grammys. Since then, fans have been constantly asked her for updates on when her sophomore effort will arrive. SZA addressed the questions on Twitter, directing her followers to TDE’s Punch for updates.

“At this point y’all gotta ask punch,” SZA tweeted. “I’ve done all I can do . 🙏🏾.”

When one fan asked if the label relationship was hostile or if she simply didn’t know when her next album would drop, the singer replied, “BEEN hostile.”

When fans let her know that Punch’s reply to their questions about the follow-up album is always “soon,”  SZA replied, “This is all he says to me as well . Welcome to my f****** life.”

Punch caught wind of the tweets and trolled fans. TDE’s president wrote on Twitter, “What’s poppin? What y’all on?” After retweeting an upset fan, Punch replied, “I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings.”

Considering that there was similar tension surrounding SZA’s first album, it’s unclear if SZA has a legit issue with her label or if the supposed tension is meant to build anticipation for the album.

The tweets can be viewed above.

Source: VladTV

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