Drakeo The Ruler , Remains in Jail Despite Numerous Acquittals

Drakeo The Ruler provided an update, via Twitter, on his legal situation. After being acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges, the District Attorney refiled charges for criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle, resulting in a hung jury for Drakeo’s original trial.

Drakeo’s Stinc Team is being accused of operating as a gang with Drakeo as its leader. The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to highlight how his case is being handled.

“I was acquitted of First Degree Murder,” Drakeo wrote. “I was acquitted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. I was acquitted of Attempted Murder. I was acquitted of another Attempted Murder. I was also acquitted of another Attempted Murder. Oh wait…I was acquitted of ANOTHER Attempted Murder. I also was acquitted of a Firearms charge. I cannot speak on anything I wasn’t acquitted of. All 12 not guilty you heard the jury. But I’m still in jail.”

Despite having to sit in jail until his retrial, Drakeo recorded his recently released Thank You For Using GTL entirely from jail. Take a look at Drakeo’s tweets about below.

Source: VladTV


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