Update: R. Kelly’s Alleged Attacker Identifies Himself

According to TMZ, R. Kelly’s alleged attacker has identified himself and offered a bizarre reason behind the attack. Jeremiah Shane Farmer filed documents identifying himself as Kelly’s assailant. Farmer said “the government made me attack” Kelly but did not disclose why. He also noted that the attack was a way to expose government corruption. And by “corruption,” Farmer means the unjust judicial system. Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg confirmed that Farmer is the man who attacked the singer.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Indiana lists Farmer as a member of the Latin Kings and landed in prison last year after a jury found him guilty of beating two men to death with a hammer in relation to a racketeering conspiracy.

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Update 09/01/2020 9:05am:

Previously, news surfaced that R. Kelly was attacked by another inmate while at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Kelly was reportedly sitting on a bed in his cell when the inmate entered the cell and began to punch the singer. Now, Kelly’s lawyer is saying the attack almost turned into more than Kelly being punched on.

A motion filed by Kelly and his lawyer Steve Greenberg, found them asking the court to release the singer on bail due to the incident. Kelly’s lawyer says the inmate in the attack allegedly had “an ink pen with him that he was going to use to stab Mr. Kelly” before other people grabbed him to prevent usage of the weapon. Kelly’s lawyer said the singer “mostly remains in his cell.. to ensure his own safety.” However, Kelly was placed in solitary confinement after the incident because it was reportedly the only way he could be protected.

The motion filed described the inmate, who has a “f**k the feds” tattoo on his face, as an “inmate that should have never should have been anywhere near Mr. Kelly,” and also said the inmate “plainly has no respect for the rules” due to his face tattoo. After the attack, Kelly’s lawyer proposed the singer live in an apartment near the courthouse with his girlfriend, asking for him to be monitored electronically.

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R. Kelly was recently the victim of an attack by an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, according to reports. The singer was sitting on his bed in a cell when an inmate came in and began to punch Kelly. R. Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg confirmed the attack on Kelly via Twitter and said because the government cannot ensure the safety of his client, it is time to let him go.

Greenberg said, “Yesterday we were told that an inmate had attacked R Kelly at the MCC in Chicago. We received conflicting reports as to the extent of his injuries. We have not been provided any information from the jail, nor has Mr. Kelly called. We are hopeful that he was not seriously injured.” From there, Greenberg said, “Regardless, it is time to release Mr. Kelly. The government cannot ensure his safety, and they cannot give him his day in court. We should not incarcerate people indefinitely because we cannot provide them with due process!” Take a look above.

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Original 08/27/2020 12:00pm:

According to TMZ, R. Kelly was recently attacked by an inmate in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

Law enforcement officials revealed that Kelly was sitting on his bed when the inmate walked in and started punching him. The inmate was reportedly frustrated at the prison being placed on lockdown several times due to R. Kelly protesters outside of the jail. Kelly was examined by a doctor following the incident, and it was revealed that he suffered no serious injuries.

Kelly has been behind bars since 2019 when he turned himself in after being charged with sexual abuse of 4 girls, at least 3 of whom were minors.

Source: TMZ

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