Saweetie Shows Us How To Protect Our Weaves By Any Means Necessary

On Friday, Saweetie was all of us trying to protect our weave, while in water.

The Cali rapper took to her Instagram Live with a shower cap and heart shaped goggles, driving a jet ski.


In the video, she made it clear that she was protecting her weave.

She said, “You know we have to protect the weave, ladies. We have to protect the weave,” Saweetie stated. “I don’t care what we got going on. I paid too much for this s-t,” she added

Saweetie also said, “I got 30-inches in this weave. I’m not about to mess it up.”

Most recently, the rapper’s ‘Tap In’ just got the top 10 charts.

According to Billboard,

With the move, “Tap” becomes the rapper’s highest charting hit on the chart. Last summer’s hit “My Type” climbed to a No. 10 best nearly one year ago, on the Sept. 7, 2019 chart. In addition, “Tap” advances 13-8 on Hot Rap Songs to tie “Type” as Saweetie’s best showing on that list. Similarly, on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100, “Tap” races 10 spots to No. 21 to match the “Type” peak.”

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