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Father Loses Two Jobs After Taking a Bullet to Protect His Kids from Gunfire


Anthony Jefferson is currently on the mend after taking a bullet to the thigh in order to protect his three children during a shootout at a Bronx car dealership.

Despite his bravery, Jefferson was fired from his two jobs as a head painter at a maintenance company and construction worker due to his inability to walk. Jefferson’s wife, Danica, says Anthony has been discharged from the hospital but still has the bullet in his leg and will require surgery at a later date.

Danica also expressed concern for the psychological impact the shooting has had on the children. According to her, their children have been reluctant to go outside and crying in their sleep since the shooting.

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe page and says the money will go towards Anthony’s medical bills and therapy for the three children.

Source: TMZ

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