R. Kelly Reportedly “Petrified And Paranoid” Following Assault By A Fellow Inmate Last Month, Attorney Says He Is Afraid To Leave His Cell

We previously reported that R.Kelly had been allegedly attacked by a fellow inmate in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center last month, which his attorney says has left him afraid to leave his cell.

In an exclusive interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Nicole Blank Becker, one of Kellz’ attorneys, says “fear and terror have left him petrified and paranoid,” following the attack. She continues saying that he “can’t sleep and is now afraid to leave his jail cell during the two hours he’s permitted daily to venture out. His insomnia is serious.”

She adds that he is “scared for his life”, and won’t even leave his cell to get a hair cut.

“Robert is scared for his life… terrified every single day since he was beaten in his jail cell by fellow MCC inmate Jeremiah Shane Farmer a month ago.”

As we previously reported, Kelly was allegedly attacked in his cell by Jeremiah, who reportedly punched him in the head and torso, and allegedly attempted to stab Kelly with an ink pen. Jeremiah has since been relocated to another facility in Michigan, after revealing himself and claiming he attacked R. Kelly because the “government” made him.


Kelly’s attorneys have been fighting to get him released from MCC for months now, saying that he is fighting for his life in various ways. Previously, Kelly’s legal team pled with a judge about his safety in regard to possibly contracting COVID-19.

As it stands, R. Kelly will serve out the rest of his sentence in his current facility, as he awaits trial.

Source: The Shade Room

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