Dr. Dre Wins Legal Battle, Judge Rejects Nicole Young’s $1.5 Million Request

Update 10/01/2020 4:44pm:

In a new development in Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce, a judge rejected Nicole’s request for $1.5 million to cover various expenses, including security.

Nicole’s lawyers argued that she needs the money for security because she’s been receiving death threats. However, the judge denied her request because she previously fired her previous security team that Dr. Dre was paying for. Nicole unsuccessfully argued that she fired her security because Dre is too controlling and threatened to fire the security if they didn’t follow his orders.

The judge also denied Nicole’s request to move up the January hearing on attorney’s fees. Dre’s lawyer told the judge that the producer is still willing to pay for Nicole’s expenses and security, which was later ordered by the judge.

Source: TMZ

Original 09/29/2020 2:40pm:

Dr. Dre called Nicole Young’s demand for nearly $2 million a month in temporary spousal support “absurd” and claimed he’s already covering the majority of her financial needs.

According to the legendary producer, he’s already letting Nicole stay in his $20-25 million Malibu mansion where his security brings his estranged wife meals prepared by private chefs three to five times a week. He’s also paying her Black Card bills, which range from $150,000 to $350,000 per month.

“This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers,” Dr. Dre reportedly said about the expenses and “unauthorized charges for [Nicole’s] attorney’s fees.”

Nicole Young filed for divorce in June and is asking for $5 million to cover her legal fees in addition to $2 million per month in temporary spousal support. Dr. Dre claims he’s offered to pay her lawyers another $350,000 through the end of the year.

Source: TMZ

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