Darryl Strawberry wants to personally help former NBA star Delonte West kick drugs … ’cause the MLB legend knows firsthand how addiction can ruin lives.

The 58-year-old former NY Mets star famously battled alcohol and cocaine addiction — but he’s been sober for over a decade and now dedicates his life to helping others conquer drugs.

So, with 37-year-old West — who was reportedly using drugs and living on the street — entering rehab last week with the help of Mark Cuban, we called Strawberry to ask what advice he has for the hooper.

“Delonte West is just like anyone else that probably has some deep-rooted issues that have never been dealt with, ya know? Putting on a basketball uniform and being successful, that just covers up everything that happens to a person.”

Strawberry continued … “It reflects back to when he was probably young somewhere, some kinda trauma, abuse or something affected him and it can leave you crippled and paralyzed. So, no one signs up to be in that situation he is. I didn’t sign up to be in that situation.”

But, Darryl — who now runs Strawberry Ministries with his wife, Tracy — isn’t just talking about West’s struggles … he actually wants to work with Delonte.

“I would love to help him.”

Strawberry says he doesn’t want to interfere with Delonte’s current treatment program … but after he completes rehab, Straw wants West to know he’ll be around to help keep on the right back.

“My hopes and thoughts and prayers are with him. Here was a guy that was successful playing in the NBA, and here he is struggling. He’s down and out.”

“I just want him to know that people like me, that are in recovery, been for a long time, is praying for him and thinking about him,” Darryl tells us.

“If there’s anything I can ever do to encourage him and sit down and have a talk with him, I just hope he can reach out and do that.”

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