White Cop Charged With Murder of Black Man Trying to Break Up Domestic Fight

Previously, it was revealed that a white police officer in Texas shot a 31-year-old city worker named Jonathan Price while he was attempting to break up a domestic dispute incident outside a gas station in Wolfe City. The incident found 22-year-old Wolfe City police officer Shaun David Lucas shooting the unarmed Black man who was reportedly trying to walk away after breaking up the fight.

Reports noted that Price was “tasered and shot three times” in the incident, and Price also had his hands raised to explain the incident to police before being shot, according to civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt. Shaun David Lucas was reportedly arrested and charged for the shooting of Price. Lucas’ bond was set at $1 million and posted the bond within hours. Stay tuned for more updates in this story.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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