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Update: T.I. Offers Reward to Find Kidney Donor for Scarface

Update 10/10/2020 5:30pm:

Scarface took to social media and noted he needed a kidney transplant after he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the year. Now, T.I. has stepped to give the legendary rapper a helping hand.

Via Instagram, T.I. posted a screenshot of Scarface’s tweet asking for a kidney donor and gave a detailed caption. T.I. gave his respect Scarface, saying “Love & Prayers To Da Homie @brothermob.” He continued saying, “We got a bag for a volunteer…who B+? Serious inquiries only hit my DMs to verify ya B+ blood type.” Since posting this, Scarface verified that blood types do not matter according to his doctor. Take a look above.

Original 10/10/2020 12:08pm:


Previously, Scarface revealed that he needed a kidney transplant after he tested positive for COVID-19 months ago. The rapper noted he did not have any kidney issues prior to getting coronavirus. Now, Scarface has given an update since he last announced that he was looking for a donor.

Via Twitter, Scarface said, “I’ve started the process to get a kidney transplant, I appreciate the love!” He continued saying the process to see if he is a good candidate should take 2-3 months and that he also discovered blood type doesn’t matter, so anyone can be a donor. Stay tuned for more details.

Original 10/07/2020 7:47pm:

Months after testing positive for COVID-19, Scarface tweeted, “I need a kidney y’all any volunteers? B+ blood type.”

Back in March, Scarface told fellow Geto Boys member Willie D that he tested positive for the coronavirus and described his symptoms.

“This whole three weeks has been an ordeal, Will,” Scarface said. “It’s the craziest s*** I’ve ever done and seen in my life. Like I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much until it was just like hot sauce. Like your gases and s*** in your stomach, yo acids, it’s hot. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, man. It was just coming up like bile, bro. I couldn’t breathe, Will.”

Since he caught the virus, the rapper has described the various ways in which his health has been affected.

“COVID attacked my lungs first, and then it attacked my kidneys and knocked them out,” he said in June. “I got full lung recovery, but my kidneys never came back…I’m still a little weak. I don’t have a lot of strength in my legs yet. I still haven’t got full taste back and sense of smell yet. But, I am glad to be alive.”

After never having kidney problems prior to his coronavirus diagnosis, Scarface has had to do dialysis four times a week, three hours a day, and has changed his diet.

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