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Rapper : Nuke Bizzle Arrested for $1.2M Job Benefits Scam After Bragging in Video


According to reports, Fontrell Antonio Baines, also known as rapper Nuke Bizzle, was arrested for scamming the government out of $1.2 million. The rapper allegedly used a number of fake identities to apply for unemployment benefits and bragged about defrauding the California Employment Development Department (EDD) in a music video he released on September 10, titled “EDD.”

In hindsight, the video is egregiously incriminating as Nuke Bizzle talks about how he accumulated wealth through the EDD scheme as he raps, “I just got rich off of EDD…I just woke up to 300 Gs.” He also mentions “go[ing] to the bank with a stack of these” while flashing a stack of envelopes, presumably from the agency.

Baines was arrested on September 23 and charged with access device fraud, aggravated identity theft, and interstate transportation of stolen property. If convicted on all charges, the rapper could face 22-years in prison.

Nuke Bizzle was taken into custody back in late September into custody while in Las Vegas during a routine traffic stop. He was found with eight EDD cards bearing seven different names and $49,734 in the car.


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