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Chelsea Handler Offers to Pay 50 Cent’s Taxes if He Doesn’t Vote for Trump

Update 10/22/2020 3:24pm:

Following 50 Cent’s announcement that he was endorsing current president Donald Trump, due to Joe Biden’s tax plan, his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler tweeted that he was no longer her favorite ex-boyfriend.

50 Cent reposted the comedian’s tweet on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Oh my God this is affecting my love life now. @chelseahandler I love ya Gator, don’t let Trump and Joe Biden come between us girl.”

Handler responded on Twitter by reminding the rapper about his race and offering to pay his taxes if he reconsidered his endorsement.

“Hey f*****! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily!” she wrote. “Black lives matter. That’s you, f*****! Remember?”

The two celebrities dated briefly in 2010, but have remained friends throughout the years. 50 Cent has not responded to her recent tweet.

Original 10/20/2020 12:35pm:

Update 10/20/2020 12:11pm:

50 Cent recently caught major backlash for endorsing Donald Trump for president after seeing Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan. Since then, a senior advisor from Biden’s camp has cleared up misconceptions about the proposed tax plan, noting people who make $400,000 and up will be affected.  Now, 50 has taken to IG again after a tweet made by a Trump staffer in reply to a HotNewHipHop tweet about the rapper made the news.

The tweet from HotNewHipHop was a link to a story about the rapper endorsing Trump after seeing Biden’s tax plan, and the staffer responded by saying, “I guess 50 Cent don’t want to end up 20 cent.” The rapper took to IG and said, “Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very,bad idea. 😟i don’t like it!” Take a look above.

Original 10/19/2020 5:00pm:

Many celebrities and prominent voices in media have been giving their take on who people should endorse in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Some have even gone as far as trying to create plans to benefit parts of the population in the U.S. like Ice Cube. Now, 50 Cent has chimed in with thoughts on who to vote for after seeing Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan.

Via Instagram, 50 said, “WHAT THE F**K! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, 🏃‍♂️💨F**K NEW YORK. The KNICKS never win anyway. 🤷🏽‍♂️I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f**king mind. 😤.”

Biden’s plan in terms of taxing the rich who live in New York City is four percent higher than that of the state, which is at 58%. Take a look above.

Source: VladTV

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