Commitment! C-Murder Promised Publicly To Give Monica Everything She Deserves When He’s Released From Prison

C-Murder is ready to give Monica good sex and commitment? Seems like it.

Earlier this summer, Monica took on the personal challenge to get her longtime love C-Murder free from a life sentence in Federal prison, launching her #FreeCoreyMiller campaign. Now the rapper is publicly promising to give his love the world when he is released.

40-year-old Monica celebrated her milestone birthday yesterday when C-Murder vowed to give her everything she deserved in an Instagram post.

Happy birthday Moses @monicadenise I hope your earth day was beautiful. this is the last one before I touchdown you will get everything you deserve . keep being the woman and warrior you are love you Cee.


Previously, Monica and Corey Miller’s brother Master P bumped heads over her returned interest in his life. Last year, the singer divorced husband Shannon Brown after 9 years married and raising 3 children together. their youngest daughter, Laiyah is 7-years-old.

In 2019, on the brink of their divorce, Monica released her song “commitment” where she outlined exactly what she wanted in a relationship. Maybe that will be coming soon with C-Murder comes home?


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