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EXCLUSIVE: CML Lavish D on Joining a Gang at 12, Arrested, Ankle Monitor in High School


CML Lavish D dropped by for his first interview with VladTV. In the opening clip, the Northern Cal artist described growing up in Sacramento. He described the city as “crazy” with a lot of gangbanging. Lavish D recalled getting into gangbanging when he was about 12-years-old. However, he was into sports so he wasn’t participating in major gang activity until he stopped playing sports at 14.

Soon after, the rapper started having run-ins with the law. Lavish D described attending school with an ankle monitor after getting caught with ounces of marijuana and spending a week in juvenile hall. He then had to do an additional two months after he violated his probation for getting caught trying to buy weed off of someone who had the same probation officer as him. Lavish D claimed that he never graduated due to being in and out of jail and getting money in the streets.

Source: VladTV

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