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EXCLUSIVE: DaBoii: Vlad Nearly Talked Me into Calling Yhung TO to End SOB X RBE Beef


In the latest clip, DaBoii distanced himself from the RBE chain incident and claimed he had nothing to do with that situation. When DJ Vlad pointed out that the group’s friction was caused by someone who wasn’t in the group, DaBoii revealed that he and the individual in question are like family although they don’t keep in touch. While Vlad tried convincing DaBoii that SOB x RBE’s issues could likely be solved if they all sat together in person, DaBoii believed that the public wouldn’t care if the group reunited because the fallout went against what SOB stood for (Strictly Only Brothers).

However, later in the interview, DaBoii revealed that Vlad had convinced him to call up Yhung T.O. to squash things. He also commented on the upcoming election, and DaBoii explained that he wants to see Biden win despite seeing how the stimulus money helped out people that really needed it. To hear more, hit the above clip.


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