DaBaby Reportedly Got 31 Police Visits Since Moving Into New Place Last Year

According to reports, DaBaby has been catching heat while in his new neighborhood, as the rapper has been visited by police 31 times since moving into his $2.3 million home last December.

The rapper’s home is located in Troutman, North Carolina, in a neighborhood that reportedly has flag-bearing Trump supporters. Since being in the neighborhood, 31 calls were made and 14 of the calls reportedly stem from the burglar alarms in his crib. Four of the calls were related to noise complaints, and at least two of the calls were related to domestic dispute issues. A call made in January 2020 by DaBaby found him saying his girlfriend at the time was pouring bleach on almost $10,000 worth of clothing.

Neighbors have complained to police about the guard towers featured at the rapper’s home, along with the bright stadium lighting that is lit when he is home. Residents have anonymously been complaining about construction taking place at the rapper’s home as well.

source: Charlotte Ledger

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