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EXCLUSIVE: CML Lavish D on Shooting Arrest, Son Telling Cop “That’s My Dad’s Gun”

In the latest clip, CML Lavish D spoke on pursuing his rap career before spending three years in prison. After being released from jail at 19, an older friend introduced Lavish D to the Goodfellas record label. He became affiliated with the label for three years but was never officially signed. After the label disbanded, Lavish D started SSR (Shining Star Records) in 2006.

His rap plans were derailed in 2007 after his car was linked to a shooting. When police spotted the car parked with its wheels stolen, they took the car and found shell casings from a TEC-9. They believed that someone shot at the car and someone else was shooting outside of the car. Lavish D happened to have a friend’s ID on him, which fell inside of the car so the cops traced him. By coincidence, the friend visited Lavish D and the cops raided the residence and arrested the both of them.

When the cops raided the home, they found two guns and matched the shells. In addition, Lavish D’s four-year-old admitted the guns were his when police asked who owned the guns. Since the car wasn’t in his name, his friend wasn’t in the car, and his fingerprints weren’t on the guns, he was prepared to go to trial. However, prosecutors put his son on the stand and threatened to get Child Protective Services involved which led Lavish D and his friend to take plea deals.


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