Kwame Kilpatrick Will Allegedly Be Released From Prison This Week

According to State Representative Karen Whitsett, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is allegedly being released from prison this week.

Whitsett said higher sources in the matter told her the alleged news. This comes after Whitsett previously said that Kilpatrick would be released from prison due to COVID-19, which was reportedly untrue according to Fox2.

Ayanna Kilpatrick, Kwame’s sister, took to Twitter and said “Due to suffering severe health challenges we expect Kwame Kilpatrick to receive a grant for COVID-19 compassionate release from the FBOP this week. We are extremely grateful to God and we thank each and every one who has kept him and his family lifted in prayer.” The alleged news comes after Kilpatrick served 7 years of his 28-year sentence for corruption and racketeering. So far, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has not confirmed the alleged upcoming release of Kilpatrick.


source: FOX2

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