EXCLUSIVE: Alabama Inmate Sues 50 Cent for $150M, Says ‘For Life’ Is Based on Him

An Alabama prisoner who is serving life for a murder conviction has filed a $150 million lawsuit against 50 Cent and others, claiming that the show For Life was actually based upon his life.

Aaron Lamont Johnson, 45, claims 50 Cent, ABC, and G-Unit Films “benefited from the commercial use of his name and life story, by imitating him.” Johnson is acting as his own attorney and filed the suit using a prison typewriter from inside his cell.

The main character of For Life, named Aaron Wallace in the show, is actually based upon Isaac Wright Jr., a man who was falsely accused of being a drug lord, proved his own innocence from prison and went on to become an attorney.

But in Johnson’s suit, he claims that there are “numerous similarities” between the Aaron Wallace character and himself. They include, according to Johnson:

* Both have the first name “Aaron”
* Both were wrongfully convicted
* Both have legal degrees
* Both “have successfully litigated prisoners criminal cases”
* Both “have caucasian supporters [as] advocates”

The suit demands $150 million in damages as well as a public apology. On Wednesday (Nov. 4), a federal judge gave Sinclair Television Stations LLC, an ABC affiliate named as a defendant, until Dec. 2 to respond to the suit.

Johnson is incarcerated in the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility, where he is serving a life sentence for a 1999 murder conviction, according to the Alabama Department of Corrections.


Written by Nate Gartrell

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