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DMX Recounts His Mentor Tricking Him into Smoking Crack at 14


Hip-Hop legend DMX recently appeared on Talib Kweli’s “People’s Party” podcast where he emotionally recounted when his mentor, Ready Ron, tricked him into smoking crack when he was just 14-years-old. “Everything in my life is blessed with a curse,” X said. “I didn’t smoke cigarettes, I didn’t smoke weed, I didn’t do anything, 14-years-old.”

DMX said everything happened at a friend’s birthday party who had just received cash for a gift. “He came back with a blunt rolled up. And as I’m counting the money, he passed the blunt.” When the blunt rotated the room a second time, Ready Ron passed it to him. “I was no longer focused on the money. I’ve never felt like this. It just f*cked me up.”

Overcome with emotion, X said “Why would you do that to a child? He knew how I looked up to him. Why would you do that to somebody who looks up to you?” After taking time to gather himself, X said “A monster was born. That monster was born.”


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