Adrien Broner Responds To Viral Video Of Him Admitting He Only Has $13 To His Name

Just a few days ago, Adrien Broner found himself behind bars with no one to save him.

If you’re wondering how he ended up in jail, well, it all started in December of last year. Broner was ordered to pay an alleged sexual assault victim over $800k+ in a judgment decided in court. Since then, he’s been living a lavish life, all of which he documents on Instagram while ignoring the judgment against him. Not paying his debt landed him right back in front of the judge to explain himself. For some reason, he thought saying he has $13 to his name would be sufficient enough to get a pass from the judge. Instead, the judge questioned his Instagram in the court and asked how he maintained such a lavish lifestyle if he was broke.

Despite pushback, Broner still insisted he is broke and said he gets money from his rich friends such as Gervonta Davis. The judge couldn’t deal with the lying and threw him in jail for contempt of court.

Now, Broner is finally out of jail and is responding to all the broke slander he received for claiming he only has $13. How does he respond? By showing off another stack of money his “rich friends” dropped off for him post-jail visit.

He claims to be broke due to having a big heart…Whatever that mean


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