Gervonta Davis Calls Out Devin Haney, Says Daughter Hits Harder Than Him


Recently, Devin Haney faced off in a bout against Yuriorkis Gamboa. The match found Haney getting the best of Gamboa via a unanimous decision. However, Haney did not knock out Gamboa. Gervonta Davis took to Twitter to give his take on the fight, throwing shots at Haney in the process.

While on Twitter, Davis said, “My daughter hit harder than ole boy wtf.” He continued, “Hold up and ole boy posting me.. just know I made more money than you last night and the other two people that fought the other night. All put together… CLOWNS 😂.”

Haney fired back by saying, “I’m getting millions at 21 GOOFY,” then posted a short video of Davis getting two-pieced in slow motion during a fight along with a laughing emoji. Davis responded by telling Haney, “Relax lil bro,” then said, “And don take me hurt ya feelings about ole girl too.” Haney then continued to call out Davis on how much he made at his age. Take a look above.


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