Chicago Man Allegedly Killed Girlfriend and Her Family over Not Cooking for Him

A Chicago man was recently arrested on three counts of first-degree murder for allegedly murdering his girlfriend and her family. According to authorities, John Matthews murdered his girlfriend, her mother, and sister after his girlfriend did not agree to cook him breakfast or braid his hair.

The argument over cooking his food and braiding his hair escalated and eventually led to Matthews pulling a gun from his waist and shooting his girlfriend’s mother with seven shots in her chest, back, arm and leg. He then shot his girlfriend in the chest before chasing down his girlfriend’s sister and shooting her in the head.

His girlfriend’s mother, 56-year-old Frances Neal, and her sister, 27-year-old Jasmine Neal were pronounced dead at the scene. His girlfriend, Shonta Harris, with whom he shares a son, was pronounced dead five days later due to complications. Authorities say Harris had bullet fragments lodged in her chest, fractures to her ribs and spine, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Matthews is due back in court on Nov. 30.



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