Officer Charged in Breonna Taylor Case Reportedly Accused of Sexual Assault

Brett Hankison, the lone officer to be charged in the Breonna Taylor case, although he was not charged in her killing, was recently accused of sexual assault, according to TMZ. Hankison is being sued by Margo Borders who claims she was assaulted in 2018 after a night at the bar he worked at.

Hankison allegedly offered Borders a ride home after her night at the bar. Court documents state that Hankison invited himself into her home and got comfortable on her couch. After Borders went to her bedroom and passed out after the night of drinking, she claims Hankison came into her room and assaulted her while she was unconscious. She awoke the next day to Hankison naked in her bed. After screaming, the officer grabbed his uniform and left.

The following day, Hankison contacted Borders and insisted the two engaged in a consensual encounter. That didn’t stop Borders from suing Hankison for the assault but also named his co-workers – both on the police force and at the bar – for never taking action against Hankison despite having knowledge of his misconduct. She also claims that several women have brought forth similar claims against Hankison but the police department never pursued any of the accusations.

Source: TMZ

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