Ex-Friend Files: Kelsey Nicole Releases Megan Thee Stallion Diss, Denies Taking Hush Money From Tory Lanez

Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-best friend is NONE too pleased with her and she’s released a diss track to prove it. As previously reported the Houston rapper ripped her former friend Kelsey Nicole in her track “Shots Fired” where she alleged that Kelsey took “hush money” from Tory Lanez to keep quiet about him shooting Meg. In the song Meg called out both Kelsey and Tory, claiming that they were “in cahoots”, and alleged that Kelsey was jealous and “wanted the n***s” that she had.
She later expounded on that on her track “Bussin’ Back.”

“Who I’m taking shots at?/B*** I’m busting you,” raps Kelsey. “Couldn’t control your little feelings/Look what d*** is costing you/It was all good yeah about a week ago/Shout out Bobby Shmurda but this b**** is really tweaking tho/If I was the one with the gun you woulda heard about a murder/Said her back was turned but the girl know who really hurt her/Neva been a jealous friend and the people really know it…

“Imagine lying to the D.A. saying I took some hush money/Put a muzzle on ya friends, y’all acting like some crash dummies.”

Meg has since responded—first with laughing emojis…


and then with a more direct message featuring herself and her “besties” giving Kelsey the middle finger.


M E S S Y.

Beef was clearly on the menu for Thanksgiving this year…


Prior to this, Kelsey caught shade from Hot Girl Meg fans for posing with Carl Crawford and his business partner J. Prince. Meg is currently suing Carl and his 1501 Certified ENT label alleging they had her sign a bad deal, harassed her, and tried to “ruin her career” because they’re jealous of her Roc Nation management deal.


Source: Bossip

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