DJ Akademiks Announces His Departure From Complex & ‘Everyday Struggle’


DJ Akademiks built his YouTube channel into one of the most recognizable platforms in Hip Hop. However, the commentator’s reach expanded as a result of his appearance on Complex’s show, Everyday Struggle.

After three years on the show, Akademiks announced on Twitch that he was leaving Complex. He also revealed that Everyday Struggle will be discontinued by mid-December. Akademiks added that he’s known about his decision for a month but wanted to wait until everything was finalized.

During his live stream on Twitch, Akademiks expressed gratitude for his time at Complex. He stated that he was making six figures a month on YouTube prior to joining Everyday Struggle, but wanted to expand his reach to the mainstream. While his goals were accomplished, he felt that he and Complex were going in different directions as time went on.

He noted that the company’s response to his controversial moments with Chrissy Teigen and Freddie Gibbs highlighted the disconnect between his brand and Complex’s. Despite not feeling supported during those situations, Ak refrained from speaking negatively about Complex and explained his decision to remain on the show for three years. To hear more about his time at Complex, view the above clip.

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