Ice Cube Explains His Silence Since Trump Lost The Presidential Election


Ice Cube was active on social media during the months leading up to the election. After facing backlash for engaging in talks with the Trump administration, the Compton MC was willingly defending himself on social media and during media appearances.

While he’s been posting on social media since the election, his posts have been far less political. On Monday night, Cube posted a video on Twitter explaining his silence.

“I know a lot people been wondering where I’ve been,” Cube began. “I was real active before the election, talking about what’s needed, specifically from the Black community. About ten days or two weeks before the election, I pushed back all the way pretty much until now because I just fell there was a lot of noise, a lot of poison, a lot of people with they own agendas, personal agendas or party agendas. And they really wanted to attack me for what I was doing because it was outside of the line of what they was doing or what they believed [needed] to be done.”

Cube defended his decision to engage in talks with the Trump administration, believing that the issues facing the Black community demand involvement from both political parties. He added that the issues are bi-partisan and that his critics are “really trippin’ if you don’t look at both sides of the aisle and push both sides of the aisle to fix the problem.”

He also spoke about his Contract With Black America and said that he’s continuing to modify it privately.

“Social media puts a lot of poison in the air and a lot of people don’t really care about getting to the truth and the real business,” Cube said. “They just wanna figure out where they don’t agree with you and hit you with it. I understand that game. I’m a big boy. I’m more than a rapper. I know you like to clump us all together when it’s convenient for you and then you don’t give a f*** about us when it ain’t, but it’s cool. At the end of the day, we here to try to make things better for people.”

He concluded by stating that he would continue his work to facilitate positive change in the Black community.

“It’s in my heart, so I’m gonna keep doing it,” he said. “I feel like it’s a cleansing in our community ’cause the real and fake are separated. All the people who dissed what I was doing, I’m just gonna watch and see what you get out the whole deal. You talking about I was worried about getting some taxes or some s***. Yeah right. Anybody that would go through all this for some f****** taxes is an idiot.  I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing — behind the scenes, in front of the scenes.


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