Mother of Tooka Asks For Disrespectful “Smoking On Tooka” Meme to End


Recently, the mothers of late rappers FBG Duck, Ray Ray, Lil Mister, and Tooka came together for a roundtable discussion that called for peace, and a stop to gun violence in Chicago, which was the cause of their sons lives being taken. Now, the mother of Tooka has asked that people refrain from using the disrespectful “smoking on Tooka” meme that has been circulating since her son’s untimely passing.

Tooka’s mother spoke to Drea O and said, “I don’t get how they could be intimidated by someone who was 15 years old and want to take a person and want to be making it into a strain of weed. Like how could you [say] ‘smoking on Tooka?’ Like where did that come from? Who smokes on a dead person? It makes me upset. Where does the level of disrespect stop? He’s already dead.”

She continued, saying, “Tooka is a whole person. He’s not no strain of weed. He had a mother and family out here. He had people that loved him dearly out here. So all this stuff, y’all talking about y’all ‘smoking on Tooka’ and dissing him, you can’t dance with the devil and expect God to forgive you. You can’t do that. It’s either-or.” Watch above.


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