Miami Heat Baller Jimmy Butler Reportedly Spotted Swirling With Selena Gomez

Jimmy Butler may not have taken the Miami Heat all the way to winning a championship this past season, but after making his way out of the bubble, he just might have started dating an A-list star.


According to reports from The Miami Herald and anonymous celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi, Butler was spotted having dinner with Selena Gomez in Miami just a few days after coming back from his time being quarantined in Orlando.

The aforementioned account first posted a screenshot of a user claiming to overhear the staff at French bistro Lucien in the East Village scrambling to accommodate Gomez and a crew of basketball players last month. Another user later claimed, per a screenshot obtained by the Daily Mail, that Gomez was actually dining with Butler, 31, on what “seemed like a date.”

Prior to these rumors, Butler was previously linked to model Kaitlin Nowak, with whom he shares his 1-year-old daughter, Rylee. Back in September, Nowak celebrated the Heat making the NBA finals, so the pair seem to still be on good terms.

As for Gomez, she recently swore off dating, admitting her dating life was put on pause amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s just funny that I release things that say I want a boyfriend and stuff … and I’m like, ‘I didn’t really mean it, though.’ Guys are a lot of work,” she told YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials during a video collaboration.

Selena has dated Justin Bieber and The Weeknd in the past.


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