Poor Thang: Scottie Pippen Jr. Appears To Respond To Comments About Mom Mingling With Malik Beasley

After news broke that Scottie Pippen’s estranged wife has been spending time with Minnesota Timberwolves baller Malik Beasley who is currently married, a number of tweets emerged in support of her son Scottie Jr. who is currently a student athlete at Vanderbilt. A number of sports fans pointed out Larsa Pippen’s messy behavior is putting Pippen Jr. in an awkward spot while he should be focused on his studies and his college basketball career. Some of these tweets tagged Pippen Jr. by his Twitter handle and BroBible published screenshots that showed messages Scottie Jr. liked. For his own part, Pippen tweeted:

Focused on myself and my goals. I’m not responsible for nobody’s actions. All good over here.🤞

He seems to have a great head on his shoulders. Glad he is staying focused on what’s important and not the BS.

Check out some of the Tweets Pippen Jr. liked that seem to refer to his mom and Beasley’s public scandal:


Quick champions classic break to remind people @spippenjr deserves better…kid is BALLING out right now and has to deal with all of this BS that he doesn’t ask for or control —hope he keeps focused cause his game don’t lie


To choose clout chasing over your own child, smh, I’m so sorry sweetheart


scotty pippen jr we gone get through this bro


I feel bad for Scotty Pippen Jr. honestly.

That young man has to deal with this every other week.

Enough is enough.


Scotty Pippen Jr. just wanna hoop bro, this sh*t sad


Look at how disappointed in his momma he is … this breaks my heart


Dear Scottie Pippen Jr if you are reading this stay focused kid, dont worry about social media, i know thats ya moms but you gotta control what you can control


thank god Scotty pippen jr dont gotta play in front of fans cause he would be catching all the hell right now


scotty pippen jr don’t deserve this


I just know Scottie Jr is exhausted

In the meantime things are getting even messier as Malik Beasley’s wife has hired an attorney to aid her in filing for a divorce AND another woman has stepped forward claiming involvement with the NBA baller.


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