Video Shows Man Fire Several Shots at Woman During Parking Lot Ambush


Home surveillance video surfaced online showing what appeared to be a premeditated shooting. The video shows a woman backing out of a parking spot in her SUV when a pickup truck cuts her off. A man then hops out of his truck and begins firing several shots at the woman as she drives off. “He had every intention of trying to murder that day,” said Sterling Heights police Lt. Mario Bastianelli.

“That’s just the grace of God that she wasn’t killed,” Bastianelli continued. “That’s just very close range, and the fact that he missed, it’s a miracle.”

Moments after the shooting, the woman returns in the SUV and darts inside the house as the pickup truck followed behind. However, the shooter didn’t fire any additional shots. “The Sterling Heights police are investigating this shooting that took place Saturday, November 28th,” said the Sterling Heights Police department. The statement added that “police are utilizing every resource to capture this suspect in this shooting.”


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