Dave Chappelle Taped Getting Into Heated Argument with a Group in TX


Recent footage was released by Daily Mail, which shows Dave Chappelle in a heated argument with a group of people at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas. Chappelle was doing “socially-distant” live shows on November 16, 17, and 18.

The video was taken by part-time actor Chad Laboy, who says a friend approached Chappelle without wearing a mask. Laboy stated, “My friend didn’t have her mask on when she walked over to his table and rightly so, they chastised her for it.”

He added, “She apologized and offered to put her mask on, but continued to get berated. No one at their table was wearing a mask, but the group was extremely rude, saying things like, ‘we don’t know you’, ‘get the f**k away’, and began calling her names.” Things escalated after Laboy’s fiancee yelled back at Chapelle’s crew telling them to “quit talking to their friend in such a rude manner.”

Within seconds of realizing that Laboy was filming the incident, the actor says Chappelle and his group of friends confronted them. Laboy pointed out that Chappelle and his crew weren’t wearing masks, which he found to be hypocritical, considering that’s how the argument started. Laboy added that Chappelle was trying to deescalate the situation, which was shown in the video, but he says that Chappelle’s friends continued to be aggressive, including one person trying to shove him to get his phone.

Laboy also claims that Chappelle came by their table before they left and told him, “You a bi**h a** n****a.” The Austin PD arrived at the scene and after hearing Laboy’s side of the story, they gave them all a “trespass warning a full year and we could not return to the hotel during that time or we would be arrested.”

Laboy commented on the aftermath, telling the Daily Mail, “When you go to his comedy show, everyone is required to wear a mask at all times and you have to take a rapid Covid-19 test upon entering the venue. But I guess the same rules don’t apply to Chappelle and his crew as they do to everyone else. He’s all talk about everyone else wearing a mask but he doesn’t.”


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