“Behind Every Man” Exclusive: DJ Envy Says When His Wife Gia Confronted Him About His Affair, “I Told On Myself” [VIDEO]

We’ve been tuning in for all the incredible true stories about how some of our favorite celebrities have had their relationships tested, only to ultimately find stronger bonds. We’ve seen that be the case in past episodes with Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith and Wyclef Jean and his wife Claudinette. This Saturday’s episode features DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey who overcame a scandal when news of his infidelity went public. We’ve got an exclusive clip, which reveals how Gia initially learned Envy had strayed when she innocently searched the internet for photos from a photoshoot and discovered a blog entry about him instead. Afterward, Gia confronted Envy… Watch the clip below to find out how that went down:


Whew… Were you sweating over that clip too? That situation sounds SO stressful. But ultimately Gia and Envy have gone on to grow through the experience. She’s no longer the wife who simply sits at home — the two have a successful podcast together, they lead an honest relationship and they are great role models for other black couples. WHEW… and don’t let us get started on the WEALTH! Her piles of Hermes boxes that are sure to be on display this and every holiday. It blows our minds every year. And we honestly would love an invite to one of the Casey Family Vacations once the world opens back up — with matching swimsuits and coverups, please!


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