Chance the Rapper’s Ex-Manager Sues for $3M, Calls Debut Album “Lackluster”

Chance the Rapper’s ex-manager Pat Corcoran, a.k.a Pat the Manager, is suing his former client for a breach of contract. The lawsuit, filed on November 30th, claims Chance violated a verbal agreement where he agreed to pay Corcoran 15 percent of his net profits. Corcoran also says he’s owed over $2.5 million in unreimbursed expenses.

Pat and Chance began working together in 2012 and, in 2013, allegedly entered into the agreement that the rapper would pay the manager 15 percent of net profits from merchandise, tours and concerts, mixtape and album streams and sales, branding deals and endorsements, and film and TV ventures. According to the lawsuit, the agreement was honored until the two parted ways in April 2020.

Corcoran claims he was fired and replaced by Chance’s father and brother Taylor Bennett due to fan disappointment in Chance’s debut album, The Big Day. He added that Chance blamed him for the album’s failures and refused to pay commissions that were owed after firing him.

Chance’s former manager stated that the pair worked well together until the music artist announced the album’s release date without consulting him. Corcoran also said Chance getting married during the recording process, unproductive studio sessions, and continually ignoring his advice led to the album’s lukewarm response and canceled tour.

“Instead of acknowledging the numerous distractions and artistic compromises that inevitably resulted from time wasted in the studio, all of which contributed to a lackluster album evidenced by historically low ticket sales, Bennett ultimately blamed Corcoran for the judgment rendered by his fanbase rather than accept that his own lack of dedication had doomed the project,” the lawsuit read. “Despite months of outreach and efforts at reconciliation, Bennett has refused to pay Corcoran the amounts Corcoran is fairly owed under the parties’ long-standing agreement and well-settled course of conduct.”

Corcoran claims he’s owed over $3 million for commissions due to the streaming and sales of 10 Day, Acid Rap, and The Big Day, as well as proceeds from Live Nation Touring and commissions related to Chance’s participation in Season 2 of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow.

Source: Complete Music Update

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