Dr. Dre Allegedly Wants to Settle Divorce, Says It’s Becoming Too Expensive

Update 12/05/2020 2:37pm:

According to reports, Dr. Dre is allegedly looking to settle his divorce with estranged wife Nicole Young, as the producer is saying it is becoming too expensive.

The producer’s attorney appeared in court for a trial setting conference so they could see how far along both parties are in the case and if a trial date could be set for the issue of if the 1996 prenuptial agreement is valid in their union. So far in the case, Dre has reportedly only paid out $300,000 in attorney fees, while Nicole Young has racked up over $750,000 in fees paid by Dre, along with her own attorney fees, which are over $1,000,000.

Dre has allegedly asked to resolve the issues between him and Nicole Young, noting he would be more generous than what is asked in the reported prenuptial agreement. It was noted Dre wants Nicole Young to be comfortable and gets what she needs, as the current situation has become too costly. The judge on their case has told attorneys for both parties they need to meet for possible mediation in the matter. Stay tuned for more details.

source: The Blast

Original 11/06/2020 10:17pm:

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre’s estranged wife is digging into his past and is inquiring whether he had a child outside of their marriage. Nicole Young reportedly filed legal documentation asking for any paperwork relating to any paternity actions he may have been involved in during their 24-year marriage. It’s not immediately clear why Nicole is asking about possible extramarital children or what, if any, indication she has that there are any.

This most recent request comes on the heels of Nicole asking for Dre’s past mistresses to testify in the divorce case. Dre’s estranged wife is particularly interested in the testimonies from three women: former model Kili Anderson, “Gypsy Woman” singer Crystal Waters, and singer Jillian Speer.

Source: tmz.com


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