Too Short Reveals He’s Formed Supergroup with Snoop, E-40, Ice Cube


During a recent interview with MC Serch on his Serch Says podcast, Too Short revealed that he’s formed a supergroup with Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Ice Cube.

When speaking about how the group was formed, Too Short explained around the 55-minute mark, “During the quarantine, I got a call from Ice Cube and E-40,” Short begins around the 55-minute mark. “Over the years, probably more than the past five years, we’ve been doing kind of these old school concerts. It will be either Snoop Dogg or Ice Cube headlining, or it will be me, E-40, sometimes it’s Bone Thugs, DJ Quik. They usually call it like ‘How The West Was Won,’ ‘West Coast Kings’ or some shit like that and it’s always a big show and it always sells out. It’s like 20, 30,000 people — whatever the size of the arena is — it’s sold out.”

Too Short then revealed that E-40 and Ice Cube called him up with the idea of starting a group, along with Snoop Dogg. He added that they have been working on music, which Too Short says has been an easy process thanks to their phones.

He stated, “I swear to God we made 25 songs like that. Them muthaf**kas, we never once went to the studio together, them sh*ts, you would never never even know. Them sh*ts sounds amazing. Somewhere just f**kin’ around in quarantine we started a whole new thing, so we bout to run that into the new year as a package deal, kind of like The Supremes and The Temptations and Smokey Robinson and The Four Tops. Motown, keep it going, you know?”

Source: VladTV

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