‘Devil Worshipper’ Out on Bond for 2016 Murder Arrested for Killing Again


According to reports, alleged devil worshipper Edward O’Neal had spent nearly four years in jail awaiting trial for killing his teenage friend before being granted a reduced bond and subsequent release. However, just four months after his release, O’Neal is back in police custody after allegedly killing again.

O’Neal reportedly admitted to fatally shooting his cousin’s ex-boyfriend to his mother. The 23-year-old now faces a second murder charge for killing Derrick Mike on Nov. 28 outside his cousin’s apartment when Mike returned to the residence to retrieve belongings following their breakup. O’Neal told authorities he killed Mike at his cousin’s request.

At the time of his 2016 murder charge, O’Neal’s mother said that her son worshipped the devil and said he’d killed several family pets in the past.

Source: thedailybeast.com

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