Update: Nick Blixky’s Mom Says He Was Cremated, Responds to 1090 Justo B


Update 12/08/2020 7:14pm:

1090 Justo B trolled Nick Blixky’s death this past weekend by standing over a tombstone while wearing a shirt that read, “Rest In Piss Nick Blixky GDK.” Blixky’s mother responded to Justo B by revealing that her son was cremated and his remains are in an urn. Therefore, Justo B was disrespecting a random gravesite.

“The photo going around standing on a tombstone claiming it to be Nick’s is false,” she explained. “Nick was cremated and is safely at home with the family.”

The mother also called for people to be more compassionate towards grieving family members during the holiday season. After disclosing that the gravesite wasn’t Blixky’s, she addressed Justo B directly.

“Young man, I hope you understand that you’re not only disrespecting the dead, but the family of the tombstone you destroyed and stood on,” Blixky’s mom wrote. “I’m sure you have a mother and I wish you to search in your heart to see if you would like her to feel this pain, I hope not!”

To read more of her message, view the post above.

Original 12/07/2020 10:21am:

The recent passing of King Von has found rappers who had issues with the late artist like Quando Rondo speaking in a less than positive manner on Von, and now it seems that may have sparked another rapper to reportedly do the same thing.

Via Instagram, a rapper named 1090 Justo B reportedly went viral after he posted a photo of him standing on top of a grave that has the letters “GDK” spray-painted on it. Many are speculating the gravesite is that of the late rapper Nick Blixky, who was tragically shot and killed in May 2020. On his caption for the post, the rapper said, “When The Opps Die We Goin Spin They Grave ⚰️ #RakeInAGrave 🚫🔱.” Take a look above.


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