Update: Ari Fletcher on Being Named in G Herbo’s Case- “I Don’t Know S***”

Update 12/10/2020 11:29am:

Ari Fletcher, the mother of G Herbo’s son, responded to reports that she was named in the rapper’s federal case. On Wednesday (December 9) night, Ari tweeted, “I was subpoenaed to court because of the timing of the relationship. I can’t tell sh*t because I don’t know sh*t. Stop trying it.”

On the same day, Ari also cleared up speculation about a song Moneybagg Yo previewed, where he rapped, “Just was in a threesome, smashin’ Ari, kissin’ Kesha.” While some people thought Moneybagg Yo was speaking about Kesha, the mother of his child, he cleared up any confusion with a tweet that reads, “Yall dumb asf ‘Kesha’ is another name or drank ‘WocKesha’ as in ‘Wochart.’ I wud neva disrespect her.” Ari retweeted his post with the caption, “Love you, baby.” She then added, “He wasn’t talking about another woman. He can be as creative and say whatever he wants. That’s his passion and I would never tell him how to present his music. Keep going hard bae, I know yo body.”

Update 12/09/2020 6:32pm:

Multiple media outlets covered G Herbo’s court appearance via Zoom on Wednesday. During the hearing, it was confirmed that his fiancee was pregnant and that the Chicago rapper was facing up to about six years in prison.

However, the Chicago Tribune’s Jason Meisner later reported that Ari Fletcher, G Herbo’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, was revealed as a federal witness in the fraud case.

“Prosecutors also identified one of the witnesses in the case as a woman with initials ‘A.F.’ who shares a child with Wright from their previous relationship,” Meisner tweeted. “Records show she is Ariana Fletcher, of Atlanta. Wright was ordered not to speak with her about the allegations.”

G Herbo previously pleaded guilty in his battery case involving Fletcher and was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 150 hours of community service. Fletcher has not commented on her involvement in the case.

Update 12/09/2020 3:02pm:

On Wednesday, G Herbo made his first court appearance before a federal judge in Massachusetts, where he pleaded not guilty to multiple fraud charges.

Appearing by Zoom and out of jail from California, G Herbo spoke briefly with U.S. Magistrate Judge Katherine Robertson, answering affirmatively when she asked if he consented to a virtual court appearance.

The federal prosecutor, Steven Breslow, said Wednesday that he may ask to increase G Herbo’s bond at a future date. G Herbo is currently out on a $75,000 bond.

“The bond amount here is very, very low particularly when one looks at the defendant’s income and assets and the (alleged) loss amounts here,” Breslow said in court.

Breslow added that there are “literally hundreds” of victims going back years and he wanted to make it clear that G Herbo isn’t allowed to use marijuana or possess guns or ammo while his case is pending.

G Herbo — whose real name is Herbert Wright III — was indicted along with five others on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, and identity theft. Prosecutors have alleged that the defendants worked together to steal the identities of numerous victims and that they’ve uncovered $1.5 million in fraudulent transactions so far. The case is still under investigation.

The indictment, filed in October and recently unsealed, alleges the defendants used the money to buy “designer puppies,” flights on private jets, and other expenditures. If convicted as charged, he faces at least 65-75 months in federal prison.

James Lawson, G Herbo’s attorney, requested that he be permitted to travel to New York and New Jersey for purposes of visiting his pregnant fiancee. Federal prosecutors had no objection to the request.

Robertson also remarked that “I understand Mr. Wright is a singer” and noted that there may come a time where she might have to rule whether he’s allowed to travel for his career.

Written by: Nate Gartrell

Update 12/03/2020 5:01pm:

G Herbo has reportedly surrendered to authorities in Los Angeles after being accused of participating in a four-year fraud scheme.

The rapper turned himself in Thursday afternoon, a day after news broke that he was charged with using stolen IDs and credit card information to make luxury purchases between 2016 and 2020. Purchases included trips on private jets, limo services, high-end car rentals, designer puppies, and a Jamaican vacation, totaling about $1.5 million.

A rep for G Herbo said the rapper maintains his innocence “and looks forward to establishing his innocence in court. Herbo has legal representation in Massachusetts via Prince Lobel, whose team has reached out to the US Attorney’s office in Massachusetts to make arrangements for Herbo’s appearance. G Herbo will appear in Massachusetts whenever he is required either in person or via Zoom.”

G Herbo and his co-defendants are facing charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Source: TMZ

Update 12/03/2020 11:36am:

G Herbo’s team released a statement about his recent arrest. The Chicago rapper and several of his associates were arrested and accused of conducting a multi-year fraud scheme that was detailed in a 14-count indictment.

The statement reads, “G Herbo has been charged with several crimes in Massachusetts, but he remains innocent and looks forward to establishing innocence in court. Herbo is the legal representative in Massachusetts through Prince Robel.” The statement adds that Lobel’s team has reached out to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to make arrangements for G Herbo’s appearance, whether in-person or virtually. You can read the full statement above.

Original 12/02/2020 7:50pm:

G Herbo and several crew members are accused of conducting a multi-year fraud scheme according to a 14-count indictment that was filed in September and made public Wednesday.

G Herbo, real name Herbert Wright III, is among five others facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud as well as aggravated identify theft. Others accused of the crimes include Herbo’s manager/promoter Antonio “T-Glo” Strong, Joseph “Joe Rodeo” Williams, Steven Hayes Jr., Demario Sorrells, and Terrence Bender.

The indictment, which was filed in Massachusetts, says the defendants used stolen IDs and credit card information for trips on private jets, limo services, high-end car rentals, designer puppies, and a Jamaican vacation over the span of four years. In total, the purchases added up to about $1.5 million.

Strong, who was arrested in Chicago on September 25th, is also charged with wire fraud and is the suspected ringleader. Joseph Williams was granted bond after turning himself in on November 24.

G Herbo is yet to surrender to the authorities and his attorney, James Lawson, provided no comment when reached by reporters on Wednesday.

The news comes a day after G Herbo was included in Forbes‘ “30 under 30” musicians list.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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