Update: Future’s Ex Praises Future as a Father After Claiming He Cursed at Son

Update 12/09/2020 2:17pm:

Future’s ex, Brittni Mealy, recently alleged that the rapper said “f*** him” to their 8-year-old son at his birthday party over the weekend, and she also claims Future told their son that he’d have his mother shot. Now, Brittni is clarifying the situation and insisting that Future is a good father.

Brittni wrote, “With the disrespect of women being at all time high and the whole Meg situation shooting a women is not being taken lightly. With that being said I just wanna say when people are in a heated situation things can escalate quickly and we are all human we say things we don’t mean.”

She added, “I can say In 11 years I’ve knew my sons dad I haven’t felt threaten by him nor has my son. The other night was a isolated situation. He make sure I’m good he make sure our son good we family we go through things and that’s that.”

Original 12/06/2020 10:13am:

Future’s ex, Brittni Mealy, took to Instagram to claim that he said “f*** him” to their 8-year-old son at his birthday party over the weekend.

She wrote, “I don’t even do this but @Future you a real p*ssy you knew to hide and run when I came cause you don’t want this smoke b*tch boy you ran from my kids p*ssy ass how!! Run like yo scary ass always do b*tch!”

Brittni then added, “Who tf tell a 8 year old f**k him and he will shoot up his mom n***a a real b*tch. Don’t come back begging like yo ass always do simp cause you dead to me after tonight.” She deleted the posts, but you can view screenshots above.


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