Casanova’s Lady Speaks About Friends Being Fake After He Surrendered To Authorities

Earlier this month, Brooklyn rapper Casanova turned himself in to authorities after it was publicized they were looking for him in connection to him being one of 18 members of the “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation” gang that is facing charges in a racketeering case.

It has been almost two weeks since Casanova has surrendered to authorities, and now his lady is speaking on fake friends who haven’t been around since.

On Monday, she took to her Instagram account and said, “I never seen so many fake friends in my life! When everything’s good it’s a million people calling, soon as sh*t go left the phone stop ringing! Where everybody at that was screaming 2X?”


As previously reported, the night that Casanova turned himself in, she recorded a video and shared it with their supporters the following day.

At that time, she captioned the video and said, “Last night was the longest, worst, emotional ride of my life riding with my husband to surrender himself knowing what he’s up against. I just wanted to hold him and scratch his back forever at that moment, but he’s the strongest man I know and one thing about Cas is he doesn’t run from his problems, he faces them like a man.”


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