Saweetie Shuts Down Claims That She Had A Nose Job

When it comes to sharing throwback pictures, the ‘Icy Girl,” Saweetie stays, giving us a glimpse of what her life looked like before the fame. Whether it’s baby photos from her favorite holiday, Halloween, or a video of her dancing with her college band, Saweetie has always been a pretty girl.

Over the weekend, Saweetie shared photos from her during high school on Instagram with the caption, “LiiL SAWEETii3 BEEN POPPiiN BxXTCH !!!” The wording of the caption alone automatically takes us back to Myspace days. She shared the photo on Twitter as well. Both social media platforms garnered large reactions. One Instagram user said, “ I bet “Wolfpack make ya booty bounce boppa” was playing on ya flip phone as a ringtone when you took this pic.”

A user on Twitter responded, “Still giving that bougie, fly, round the way girl aesthetic till this day, ain’t s**t changed.” While Saweetie received a lot of love, a user called her out, claiming Saweetie had a nose job. The user Tweeted, “First thing all these bi***es do is change the nose Face with rolling eyes. I mean, I don’t like to comment on what a woman wants to fix about herself bc we don’t know the story, but sheesh. Y’all really hate y’all Lil plump noses.”

Saweetie took the time to respond and shut down the false claim. She responded, “Girl, bye look again. I love my Lil Piggly wiggly nose; I just ain’t have no contour on … Pig nose.” Many people felt that the Twitter user contradicted herself and stepped into The Shade Room to share their opinions. One commented, “I don’t like to comment on what a woman wants to fix about herself,” but continues to comment on what a woman wants to fix about herself … “

No matter what, Saweetie looks good.

Source: TSR

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