Fetty Wap Explains How He Fell Off


Fetty Wap enjoyed one of Hip Hop’s most memorable runs in 2015. His certified Diamond “Trap Queen,” along with multi-platinum singles “My Way,” “Again,” and “679” contributed to a multi-platinum debut album. However, the rapper’s buzz has died down since then despite releasing multiple singles and mixtapes.

The New Jersey rapper recently dropped his latest project, You Know The Vibes, which has been received well by his fans. One fan commented on one of Fetty Wap’s recent posts and wrote, “I actually don’t know how you fell off.” The rapper responded directly to the fan and listed a number of factors that contributed to his decline.

“Bad business managers… greed and selfishness… but it’s almost over,” Fetty responded. “I got rid of all that goofy s*** around me … now I can focus on the music … and I’m goin tf up just watch.”

Fetty Wap released his new album, You Know The Vibes, on December 12th. The R&B-centered project features appearances from Styles P and Monty


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