Video Shows Murder Suspect Escape Prisoner Transport SUV at McDonald’s


Surveillance footage from McDonald’s drive-thru in Northwest Indiana shows a murder suspect escaped a prisoner transport vehicle when the driver stopped for food. Leon Taylor, 22, was being transported to face a murder charge and can be seen wearing a belly chain and leg brace as he made his escape. After Taylor managed to get free of the leg brace, he darted down the street.

“After watching this video, I am highly disturbed and disappointed by the procedures the private transportation driver used during the transfer of this suspect to our jail,” said Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr.

“After acquiring these surveillance videos, Lake County Sheriff’s Department investigators were able to reveal conflicting statements made to our officers by the driver,” Martinez continued.  “This driver initially told our officers the suspect jumped out of a window, but the video clearly shows him exiting through a door to the vehicle.”

“I find it appalling that REDI Transports failed to use appropriate caution and may have put the public at risk,” Martinez concluded.

Leon Taylor remains at large.


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