DJ Akademiks Responds to Peter Rosenberg’s Boxing Challenge


The feud between DJ Akademiks and Peter Rosenberg took another turn after Rosenberg challenged Akademiks to a celebrity boxing match. During his show on Hot 97, Rosenberg said that the boxing match could be for $100,000 and all proceeds would go to charity.

Akademiks rejected Rosenberg’s suggestion during his live stream on Wednesday night and issued a challenge of his own.

‘Ain’t no celebrity boxing that’s gonna go down with me,” Ak responded. “I need $1 million to step in the ring with anybody, but you should DM me and we could spar. I’m giving you that opportunity, Rosenberg, and I don’t give that opportunity a lot. You talking way too crazy…Hit me up and we’ll spar in the next week. If Rosenberg hits me up in the next week, I’ll spar with him. We’ll find a gym and me and him will spar. No cameras, no nothing and we’ll see what’s up. You know I s****** on you because you a 45-year-old with your b****, f*** both of y’all.”

The former Everyday Struggle host added that he wants the sparring session to happen within the next week or he never wants to hear from Rosenberg again.

“I see you trying to take it physical,” Ak continued. “I’ll do it for free. It’s gotta be in the next week. If you DM me in the next week, and I don’t respond, screenshot it and expose me. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear s*** from you. You’re irrelevant and you start talking that hand s***.”

Akademiks previously called out Rosenberg and Ebro after the radio cohosts referred to him as a “talentless hack.” Rosenberg is yet to respond to Ak’s challenge.

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