J Prince Reacts to Ongoing Violence in Rap and Faizon Love’s Jay-Z Criticism


Rappers have been victims to multiple fatal and non-fatal shootings during the past few months. Three separate incidents involving Mo3Boosie, and Benny The Butcher have happened in Texas alone. During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Texas native J Prince responded to the ongoing violence and said the incidents are a result of rappers receiving the energy that they put out into the world.

“Well, it’s a lot of campaigning for darkness,” J Prince responded. “And when I use that word ‘campaigning for darkness,’ it’s like, when you get on that social media and you get to campaigning and asking for all of this confusion to enter your world, it’ll enter your world if you ask for it. A lot of times, once it enter they world, they want to change they mind and it be everlasting too late. So we have to begin now… Let’s not campaign and be somebody we’re not. I see a lot of that.”

The music executive added that many rappers have been playing with the gangster image and warned that that route comes with consequences that few are prepared for.

“It ain’t no game,” J Prince said. “It really not a game, but if you choose to play it, then understand the consequences that go along with it and prepare yourself for the consequences. When you sit back and witness what’s taking place today, you can clearly see it’s a lot of lip-wrestling going on and nobody is in a position where they are protecting themselves when reality knock at their front door.”

J Prince also responded to Faizon Love’s criticism of Jay-Z during a VladTV interview, the comedian blamed Hov for the violence in rap and accused the rapper of fabricating his drug-dealing past. J Prince labeled the comments as “ignorant” and said Faizon’s comments seemed personal. To hear more, view the above clip.

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