Teanna Trump Beefs With Lil Baby’s GF on Twitter: Your Man Loves My Mouth

Lil Baby was implicated in another cheating scandal involving an adult film actress when Teanna Trump and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves exchanged words on Twitter.

Jayda, influenced by the popular meme, posted a photo of herself in a nude-colored outfit in response to a make-believe person asking her for a nude. Teanna Trump responded directly to the post and wrote, “And that’s why you got cheated on..”

Lil Baby’s girlfriend fired back at Teanna by asking, “But you suck d*** for a living?” to which the porn actress responded, “Yea I do, your man loves my mouth.”

After responding to Jayda, Teanna threatened to provide proof of an affair with Lil Baby.

“He better check his b****. Lol don’t make me post screenshots,” Teanna tweeted.

In subsequent tweets, Jayda accused Teanna and others of picking fights with her and then bringing up her boyfriend whenever she responds. She acknowledged that she didn’t know if Teanna’s claims were true or not, but labeled herself the victim in the situation.

“Why these h*** COME FOR ME FIRST then hit me with the check ur man. Like is that what this really about? Y’all got the game f***** up. Y’all trifling as hell all y’all just nasty,” Jayda tweeted. “If y’all can’t see thru that lame s*** by now y’all stupid. These b****** really be picking with me then bring him up? Like huh. It’s giving miserable and bothered. Ion even be on all that mean girl s***. I barely like clapping back. But as soon as i do it’s awww your n**** this or that. Like b**** go to hell. Y’all take the fun out of clapping back. Whether the s*** be true or not cuz who tf knows these days THAT S*** LAME. Y’all be forgetting I’m the victim here??? Cuz clearly y’all do.”

Last week, Lil Baby was involved in another alleged cheating scandal when Ms. London claimed the rapper paid her for sex. She later attempted to clear the air by expressing Lil Baby’s love for Jayda and asking the public to “let them be in love.”

“Baby loves his girl, he not out her just acting crazy but men will be men,” she tweeted before adding, “Got to keep it real we are all team Lil baby! He’s [a] good person maybe just horny. And I was just drunk and speaking [too] loud. My bad. [Tried] to do damage control the internet was not having that. Feel like we should stop trending and let them be in love

Source: VladTV

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